Friday, April 23, 2010

The Weird and the Wonderful

I'm taking a break from my first attempt at making a leek tart (my Friday ambitions are overflowing), to upload a version of "The Weird and the Wonderful," an article I wrote on unusual fall/winter produce and the origins of San Francisco farmers' and alternative markets that appeared last fall in the San Francisco Panorama, a one-time newspaper that was an intrepid and gorgeously designed endeavor hatched up for the McSweeney's Quarterly Issue #33. Thanks to my friend Nick Sung for originally scanning it in for me when I needed a writing sample for a job interview. I'm not on the greatest terms with that cunning ol' rascal, Technology, so I needed all the help I can get. To the left is a jpg version and below is a link that will hopefully lead you to a downloadable pdf! And thanks to McSweeney's for asking me to contribute and for releasing all the copyrights for instant dissemination without legal repercussion!

Weird and Wonderful

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Nick Sung said...

you're welcome, katrina!