Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Funny Carrot Man

Look at this child's funny carrot treasure, dug up during an Internet stroll by Radish Khorn over at the exciting and instantly venerable magazine of weird and delicious food, Lucky Peach. Did anyone see the amazing carrot pants that accompanied the article on trickle-down food trends by Christine Muhlke in Issue 3: Cooks and Chefs? There were a number of particularly alluring weird vegetable items from that issue that I noted and have been meaning to post about.

Life continues to overwhelm. But this Kale will get her groove back in another month or two. Kales tend to thrive through the winter months.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Purple Moon Potatoes

Been thinking a lot about moons lately, between this month's blue moon and the honey yellow harvest moon I saw rising up from the hills of San Francisco on Sunday around 8:30pm. When I cut into these purple potatoes from the Berkeley Farmers' market, I was stunned by the beautiful lunar forms from a distant galaxy that awaited me. I like to think that some farmers in head-to-toe tie-dye sat around these specially ordained nightshades and collectively om'ed these patterns into being with the help of some healing crystals. Perfect for adding a fried purple haze to accompany my scrambled eggs.