Eat vegetables. Weird ones. Blue hubbard squash, fractal romanesco, creepy anthropomorphic carrots... Welcome to the weird world of vegetables and the humans who think about them. You may not agree with our standards of strangeness but we hope you are enticed, entertained, and inspired to broaden your culinary horizons by our edible offerings.

We are two writers and roommates in San Francisco's Mission District who like to distract ourselves and others with vegetable lore. Most of our featured produce comes from San Francisco Bay Area farmers' markets, though we sometimes go a-ramblin'.

Send weird vegetable photos or suggestions to:

weirdvegetables AT gmail.com

Response time in the vegetable universe is quite leisurely, so be patient with us!

Yours in vegetable harmony,
Eggplant Kohlrabi & Kale Daikon
(Erin & Katrina)


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* Eek's (Erin's) other writing & art archive project, Sandwich Exchange.

* Kale Daikon's (Katrina Dodson's) article "The Weird and the Wonderful" in the San Francisco Panorama, McSweeney's Quarterly Issue #33, on unusual fall produce and the origins of San Francisco alternative and farmers' markets.

* KD's vegetable-heavy uke song "Salad Days"