Monday, April 30, 2012

Vegetable Dressing

"Tutti Fruity" from the New York Times

Look at the New York Times getting all heady with edible fashion and food puns in their spread "Salad Days" from a couple weeks ago... I don't know whether I want to graze from this dress or just throw it all in the compost. The Arcimboldo inspiration is pretty creative, but some of these spreads made me feel abject about the model who got duped into these scenarios (like the one where they stuffed a fish in her mopey mouth, as though reminding her that models are there to look pouty but never speak). I much prefer self-authored perversities, like Suzan Pitt's asparagus animation (see previous post!).

Psychedelic Asparagus

Please watch this amazingly INSANE animated journey by artist Suzan Pitt while you are eating asparagus and sitting on the TOILET. It is going to blow your mind. I really like the saturated colors and the rounded, chubby shapes. Makes me think of Brazilian Tropicália. Thanks to the talented Internet huntress Amaranth Gadberry for unearthing this wonder from the year 1978.

UPDATE 5/15: Uh oh, sorry. Looks like the link pulled one of those "flower that blooms for a night and then fades away" disappearing acts on us. No more crazy asparagus video. Maybe it'll crop up in a different Internet weedbed somewhere. Send any leads on where to find this movie to weirdvegetables AT

Friday, April 27, 2012

Daikon Prince Charming

It's been over a month, and the Turnip Princess was starting to tap her rooty tendrils with impatience at all my delays. Luckily, the WV team is always turning up some good things in the soil of far-flung territories. It was all the way in Santa Fe that agent Celery Kabbage came across this adorable Daikon Prince Charming, perfect for our turnip lady! He speaks Japanese, she speaks Portuguese, but they communicate perfectly in the international language of spicy root vegetables, and the salad days of their green love are in full bloom!