Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nazi Vegetarianism, Sliced Bread, Criminal Chocolate, and More!

Okay, so maybe I'm getting a little sensationalistic, but I just wanted to drop you some morsels of what promises to be a mentally and gastronomically stimulating food studies symposium at UC Berkeley all day Friday, tomorrow--yes, I'm spreading the news right on top of the moment in typical doing-too-many-things-at-the-same-time fashion. The Institute of European Studies is hosting the event, and it is freely accessible to the public if you can track down the campus location. Below is a charming graphic, plus the general description lifted from the IES website.

Food: History and Culture in the West
A Symposium on Food Culture will be held on April 30 in 223 Moses Hall, sponsored by the European Union Center of Excellence, the Institute of European Studies, and the Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies. Scholars from the US and Europe will gather to discuss subjects from chocolate-related crime in historic London to saving the world through food.

The full schedule and titles of talks (including those alluded to in this post title!) can be found here. Why am I promoting this? Well besides the fact that there will be many new horizons in food and vegetables that will open up before our food-fascinated eyes, it is also part of my new job converting a portion of the proceedings into resource materials for local K-14 curricula in conjunction with the IES's outreach program. So here I am, reaching out to you!

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Minime said...


but why did you write Nazi vegetarianismn?

1. Hitler was not a vegetarian, that is a common misinformation...or maybe american way of thinking because for some people pork sausages and fowl are vegetarian dishes ?

The only reason why Hitler did cut down on meat was because of the advise of his doctor to help Hitlers bad health.

2. Hitler forbid Vegetarian clubs and also ordered to deport vegetarians into the concentration camps.

German or european vegetarianism i would have understand ...but that?

Or what did you mean with your statement?