Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Enjoy your weird nubbins"

Is what my friend Toby said to me yesterday after my visit with this magical fuzzy creature,

whose name is Lola. She likes to lick tiny squares of white cheese out of your outstretched hand.

As I left their house in Oakland, I asked for some of the hefty lemons that were burdening the front yard tree, and noble Toby complied by plucking down the intricately formed creature above, the yellow nubbiny one, that is. Though it could be mistaken for its look-alike cousin, the Buddha's Hand citron, this is indeed a lemon! Below is a Buddha's Hand I picked up at Berkeley Bowl in December:

While we usually cover vegetables rather than fruit here at Weird Vegetables, I would like to invoke the clause whereby fruit is actually a subset of the vegetable universe (Cf. the lemon cucumber post) in order to feature these "weird nubbins," as Toby christened them.

Look deep into the nebulous form of this citrus fruit and tell us what you see. Your answer may hold the key to the makeup of your very soul.

The Alice in Wonderland caterpillar contemplating the nature of identity and the identity of nature from a slightly reclined, hookah-toking lotus position?

Or posing in the role of Alien Baby Sucking on Tentacle in Escape Pod?

Rorschach's got nothing on this lemon blot.


Unknown said...

definitely a mandragore. did it bleed when you cut it?

kale daikon said...

I've been afraid to! Now it sits by the kitchen sink as pale green mold wends its way up its yellow belly, a little further each day. I may use what remains to acidulate some water for cardoons later.