Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weird Carrot Cake

While we're on the topic of sweets getting tangled up in vegetable-dom, I thought I would mention my latest encounter with desserts imitating vegetables, or food-art imitating life. My thirtieth birthday occurred over the weekend, and I asked my cake-sculptor friend Gabrielle Feuersinger (of broccoli cake fame; her company is Cake Coquette if you need a delicious oddly-shaped masterpiece) to make a weird carrot cake modeled off the very carrots featured on this site. She answered my call beyond my wildest dreams by arriving on the scene with a gigantic creepy carrot.

To the left is Gabrielle caught in a Weird Vegetable sandwich (Erin on the right, me on the left). We're all trying to be sexier than that carrot, but it's kind of a lost cause.

I'm not sure which Weird Veg carrot can lay claim to the honor of being represented in spongy layers and icing, but I think she used a combination of the following two models for inspiration:

You may think that the logical choice for a carrot cake would be, well, carrot cake, but no, no my friend, that would be way too normal of a path to take. Rather, what your eyes are feasting on is the logically illogical choice of lemon cake. It was mostly devoured within the hour by greedy, sugar-encrusted mouths, but I still have the carrot butt (which is colored a little darker to represent the gritty end o' the carrot) wrapped in foil in my fridge, to pick at in small but steady binges over the course of this week. Thanks, Gabby!


Adam Ahmed said...

This cake is also fondon-free, folks. It was as soft and moist as newly tilled soil.

kale daikon said...

Nice to see you back in the comments gallery, Adam. It's been awhile. I was feeling lonely.