Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Dream of Veggies

My friend Julia left a bottle of Coke in my fridge over the weekend, and I drank it tonight shortly before bedtime, I don't know why. And now I can't sleep, it's suddenly raining hard outside, and I wish I'd had a carrot instead. I feel like the little cupcake in this adorable stop-motion movie "Sweet Dreams" by animator Kirsten Lepore. I'd always suspected that the sugary folk secretly suffered from a bit of veggie envy, of feeling somehow not as substantial as their natural alternatives. The piece is ten minutes long, so watch it when you've got more than your usual Internet attention span going. And get ready for some racy inter-food-group lovin' between the cupcake and a curvy butternut squash!


Karla said...

Funny. Somebody played me Kirsten Lepore's "Stories for North America" just last night. Also about cross-species understanding. But no confections. Check it out. And hope you get some good sleep between now and your birthday.

katrina d. said...

Thanks! I watched some of that other movie too. Visions of ukes and handstands are floating endlessly through my head. I think it's time for some yoga. Or kombucha.