Monday, April 30, 2012

Vegetable Dressing

"Tutti Fruity" from the New York Times

Look at the New York Times getting all heady with edible fashion and food puns in their spread "Salad Days" from a couple weeks ago... I don't know whether I want to graze from this dress or just throw it all in the compost. The Arcimboldo inspiration is pretty creative, but some of these spreads made me feel abject about the model who got duped into these scenarios (like the one where they stuffed a fish in her mopey mouth, as though reminding her that models are there to look pouty but never speak). I much prefer self-authored perversities, like Suzan Pitt's asparagus animation (see previous post!).

1 comment:

eek said...

Tomato dress, YES! Fishmouth, NO!