Monday, April 30, 2012

Psychedelic Asparagus

Please watch this amazingly INSANE animated journey by artist Suzan Pitt while you are eating asparagus and sitting on the TOILET. It is going to blow your mind. I really like the saturated colors and the rounded, chubby shapes. Makes me think of Brazilian Tropicália. Thanks to the talented Internet huntress Amaranth Gadberry for unearthing this wonder from the year 1978.

UPDATE 5/15: Uh oh, sorry. Looks like the link pulled one of those "flower that blooms for a night and then fades away" disappearing acts on us. No more crazy asparagus video. Maybe it'll crop up in a different Internet weedbed somewhere. Send any leads on where to find this movie to weirdvegetables AT


Chris Mays said...

You can always buy it from Pitt, or rent it from Netflix,, that is, if you are not in Brazil.

kale daikon said...

thanks for the asparagus tip, Chris!