Thursday, July 15, 2010

Freshening Up

Eep! Close the dressing room door puh-leaze! Okay, Erin and I have been thinking about freshening up the site for awhile now--you know, painting the walls, getting rid of dingy furniture, musty books, wilted carrots--and I'm experimenting with rearranging some things. But... being a total techno RUBE, I seem to be doing it all live, with no real hidden staging area, so please be patient with us as the site kind of freaks out and throws your google reader for a loop. Then we'll all adjust to the change and feel like we've got a new perspective on the world, an added zing in our daily routine. And I'm working on commissioning or doodling up a new Weird Vegetables title banner (illustrated perhaps? any volunteers?), so that too might be getting all crazy on you in the next couple of weeks. Patience is appreciated in the vegetable universe.

Here, have this nice toast with hot pink beet spread to calm your jangly nerves. I got it from the co-op in Ann Arbor back in March. Wouldn't that make a rad lipstick color? Hot Beets! I think Nars should do it.

Addendum 7/17
Inspired by this age of full disclosure and reality TV, twittering facebooks and 24-hour cable news, I thought I would share with you the real story behind this overnight redesign (though it is true that Erin and I have been talking about it for awhile now). Despite the rainbows & sunshine song and dance routine I perform for the world, my kale levels do dip dangerously from time to time, as when I'm traveling alone and poring over papers in archives for many many hours at a stretch and that's when I do things like this. My email to Erin explains:

Hey Erin!

I got obsessed with the new site design tool and did a bunch of sprucing up last night. I hope that's okay! It's like that thing where you're lying in bed staring at the wallpaper staring at the wallpaper staring at the wallpaper and all of a sudden there are terrible little naked figures crawling up and down it and you're starting to lose your mind and you feel like either it goes or you do. So I had to motivate and change it up a bit. Thoughts?

[blah blah, other things I wrote to her, etc.]

I loaf you!



Travis White said...

I love the new design! Also, I probably could have guessed this, but you write adorable emails.

kale daikon said...

Thanks, Travis. I'm glad you interpret descent into madness as adorable.

Karla said...

I wore a lipstick in college called Beet It.