Friday, December 4, 2009

Extra Extra: McSweeney's Vegetables

Next Tuesday, December 8, will be a very special day for San Francisco and for newspapers, and for San Francisco newspapers, as it marks the triumphant debut of the San Francisco Panorama. This one-time newspaper is an homage to the possibilities of print journalism (hurrah!) orchestrated by writer Dave Eggers's publishing force McSweeney's and appears as the fall issue of the McSweeney's Quarterly Concern, which usually takes shape as a more strictly literary journal.

This paper's going to blow your mind, with pieces from writers such as William Vollman, Robert Hass, Miranda July, Michael Chabon, Junot Diaz, and comics from Art Spiegelman, Chris Ware, and Alison Bechdel (she's one dyke to watch out for!). It's going to weigh three pounds (like a healthy blue hubbard squash) and have a gigantic book section and magazine, but will also run more traditional news, including an expose of the Bay Bridge rebuild by Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Bob Porterfield. The SF Chronicle and NY Times have both been covering it in anticipation, and the Chronicle plans to reprint some of the pieces. To get a taste of the beautiful design and thrilling content of the Panorama, check out this preview.

I also invite you to grab a copy (more on how below) and open it to the spectacular food section, masterminded by Chris Ying of McSweeney's and meatpaper. The section will have eye-popping, brain-twisting, and mouth-watering (or appetite mauling depending on your preferences) pieces on weird and scary meats (pork belly butchering, cooking your road kill), a ramen how-to by Momofuku's David Chang, but also a taste of Weird Vegetables in print--an article I contributed that highlights unusual fall produce then digs a little more deeply into the roots of farmers' markets and alternative, organic markets in San Francisco. It will be lushly complemented by some unusual vegetable art sprung from the hand of my fellow vegetable enthusiast, graphic artist Aron Bothman (you should see the terraced garden he planted in his Noe Valley backyard--appearing soon on WV!).

You can pre-order a single issue for delivery for $16 either through the Chronicle here or directly from the McSweeney's store.

BUT WAIT! If you're super cheap like me and also prefer to put your feet to the pavement and actually walk somewhere to purchase something, and you live in the Bay Area... then you can buy your copy on Tuesday for just $5 (which really is a steal considering all the full color pages) either on a street corner or at a bookstore. McSweeney's has set up an elaborate google map listing and allegedly will provide twitter updates (where on twitter? don't ask me, facebook is the most I can manage) that will inform you of where you can buy your Panorama from either a volunteer newsy or bookstore.

AND! AND! sorry to keep shouting at you in all caps, but I'm really too excited about this bit--Aron and I are joining forces to occupy our very own corner of Noe Valley to hawk newspapers dressed in our most valiant newsy rain gear (there's a storm a-brewin', say my bum knee and the meteorologists). Find us on the early morning side of the day until around noon at 24th St. and Sanchez (the corner with the liquor store on one side and that fancy chocolate shop and Astrid's Rabat Shoes For Men across the street). My beloved Phoenix Books (where I used to work and get the best books and have lots of satisfying conversations) will also be selling the paper just down the street at 3957 24th St.

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