Wednesday, September 3, 2008

rhinoceros tomato

This just in from our correspondent in the far reaches of my room:
A rhinoceros tomato was spotted foraging for ladybugs early Sunday morning close to the faded water stain in the mid-northern quadrant of my desk. The daytime watch guards, bronze Don Quixote and Sancho, apprehended the perennial with only minimal resistance. The rhino tom gave a low squeak and curled up its leafy top fringe before jumping quietly into the green plastic produce basket they held out before it. The rhino tomato is easily mistaken for its more spirited look-alike, the unicorn tomato, whose horn is said to make whatever soil it is dipped into incredibly fertile. This luscious specimen came from the Dirty Girl stand at the Ferry Plaza farmers' market, which has the sweetest dry-farmed tomatoes. The truly tomato-obsessed should check out this post from the food blog Tea and Cookies.

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