Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eat My Luigi

Or is that Mario? Am I racist for thinking all short Italians with mustaches look the same? I'm calling it Luigi with brussels on top because our crabby olde Internet dweller, Endive Haricot, forwarded this dispatch and called it Luigi. Where did he find it? Somewhere in the mind-blowing art labyrinth that lives here. They call themselves Studio Jfish. Floating, wobbly hamburgers (ham-bo-go's) await you.

Those are turnips that were his eyes.... Probably radishes, actually, but I like the way "turnips" sounds better. ("Those are pearls that were his eyes." Glory to whoever can catch that double reference without Google). Also, did you notice that Luigi's entire face is a butternut squash?? There is some hardcore Arcimboldo action happening here. For realz.


-thepaisleyfox said...

It's Luigi. Not only is the face long-ish, but there is an L in the hat. ;)

I also totally didn't forget about the contest, and I hope it's okay if I can get in something after this weekend (during my 4 off)! This holiday has been crazy busy. :(

kale daikon said...

Good eye, paisleyfox. If I squint, I can make out a small L in the upper right of the brussels/collard hat. But there's another L-looking shape on the left too. It's like that 3D magic eye--so frustrating. We'll be awaiting cool veg banners! thanks!