Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kale Break

Hey there fellow weird vegetable lovers and kale aficionados. I just wanted to tide you over with this blissful sight. Mmm, kale pre-wilt. Imagine it covered in just a wee bit of olive oil, sprinkled with salt, splashed with a few squeezes from a juicy wedge of a backyard lemon--lemons are $1.50 each at the Noe Valley market right now, so I had my brother bring a big bag from his tree in San Jose, where they're better friends with the sun.

Back to the kale: It shrinks down to a dark green mess as steam rises from the pan, but then you let it sizzle just long enough to get crispy crinkly on the edges. Deep hearty winter warmth is what this brassica brings to the table. More weird vegetables coming soon, just after I catch my breath from the force of these writing deadlines and applications that have been ambushing me for the past two weeks, like evil pesticide-drenched heads of iceberg lettuce.


jpk said...

that's exactly the recipe i used for my first kale adventure. hi5!

Anonymous said...

crispy edges = excellent