Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Dance

Really, you should go out tonight. Finding a costume is not that complicated. Just find a black shirt and leggings, grab someone's front porch jack-o-lantern to strap onto your face, et voila! Halloween! Someone will throw candy your way, I promise.

This Omaha news station knows how to start a partay. I'm fascinated by how clearly enunciated all the dance moves are and also by the curious androgyny of the dancer--big ham fists (note the wedding ring), broad shoulders, yet such delicate legs, and the lumpish hint of chicken hormone breasts.

I owe this incredible treasure to the Internet foraging skills of the musically, linguistically, comedically gifted Kerry McLaughlin, who contributes to many blogs and produces episodes for the TV arm of XLR8R magazine.


Caroline said...

Hello friend!

This is a masterwork deserving of a far-reaching audience. I am still regaining composure but it is actually difficult. Excellent observations of physique.

Also! Your Elmo is fantastique!!

Hope all is well in CA!! Am visiting SF in Dec if you are around....

Caroline Cooper

kale daikon said...

Mizz Coooper! I hope to witness a performance of your perfected pumpkin dance when you arrive in December.