Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spinach Tennis

If you're ever feeling bored with your plain old normal life with its plain old normal overcooked vegetables and want to feel the strange excitement of being a naughty adolescent bourgeois French boy, then put on a dress shirt and tie, top it with a wool sweater vest and try playing some spinach tennis à la Louis Malle's Le souffle au coeur (Murmur of the Heart). As demonstrated in the first couple minutes of this scene:

I poached the clip from the talented Brazilian writer/journalist/editor extraordinaire Emilio Fraia. Even if you don't read Portuguese, he puts a lot of cool photos and clips on his blog.


Jenni said...

Hey, we have that movie at home from Netflix right now!

kale daikon said...

Ooh! When are we coming over??

Wait--I mean, that's great that *you*, a perfect stranger, are reading our blog, in fact that so many people who are not just our friends are reading and commenting. How nice it feels to achieve world domination through the medium of the vegetable...