Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vegetables: Fiendish or Friendly?

Besides an acute case of costume envy, Lady Yoshi-choke-a left me with a link to a spectacularly bizarre show called Making Fiends, a kind of gothic, girl-centric South Park set in a place called Clamburg in which Vendetta, who makes fiends, continually tries to outwit and demoralize her archnemesis (in her mind) Charlotte, who makes friends. Created as a web series by the talented Amy Winfrey, it now also airs on the Nicktoons Network. This cafeteria episode features the high-pitched shrieks of lunchtime vegetables and ends in a rousing vegetable chorus that goes:

Eat vegetables with every meal,
Or your lips will start to peel,
And your eyeballs will fall out,
And your feet will smell like trout.

All very true, as any pirate can attest, which is of course why they never board ship without an ample stash of Veggie Booty. To watch the 3-minute webisode (I thought I cleverly made that word up just now until a quick Google search set me straight) click here. I'm especially partial to the cartoon delicata squash.


mckenzie said...

This was the first I've heard of it, but I already think this show is great. Mr. Milk is adorable. :)

kale daikon said...

Agreed! Though, Mr. Milk and Charlotte kind of remind me of the most easily mockable parts of myself. :(