Monday, January 5, 2009

Four Ways of Looking at a Carrot

Carrots are the character actors of the vegetable world. Often overlooked in the produce aisle, the carrot is unassuming yet unmistakably singular, able to quietly evoke a stunning range of personalities. Like a Philip Seymour Hoffman or Kevin Spacey, the one single carrot featured below shifts with chameleon ease between four very different poses. It comes from the Tierra Vegetables stand at the S.F. Ferry Plaza farmers' market.

"Hey there, good looking. Care to stop awhile and pass the time?"

"Dude, you got an extra cigarette? Thanks, man. Happy New Year."

"Zzzzzzzzzz" (pleasant dreaming)

"Uncle! Uncle! Ow, Tommy, you're hurting my leg. C'mon, get off!"

No you're not cross-eyed, this one carrot does really have all those limbs. I'd say this little critter's got a leg up on the Best Supporting Root category for the Veggie Oscars.


andrea said...

These pictures are very erotic, Katrina.

katrina d. said...

Hmm. Are you saying the Philip Seymour Hoffman/Kevin Spacey analogy doesn't hold? How about Patricia Arquette and Isabella Rossellini? And Harvey Keitel. I've always found him strangely erotic.

Adam Ahmed said...


katrina d. said...

Um, I had to google "NSFW," whose results are waaaaay more NSFW than these carrot pics. (NSFW = Not Safe For Work, for those of you at work and who don't have your finger on the pulse of the Internet acronym super highway)