Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Potato-bear and Carrot-bunny

Potato-bear and Carrot-bunny are friends. They like to hop through the fields together liberating other potatoes and carrots from the earth. Farmer Brown often tries to catch them to put them into his beef stew, but they always get the best of him. Potato-bear spits spuds in Farmer Brown's eye, while Carrot-bunny likes to shoot rooty pellets at him from beneath her round carrot tail. Then they roll in the dirt and have a good laugh at his expense. Silly humans!

Potato-bear originally comes from a farm in Vermont, while Carrot-bunny is a local kind of gal. They were sent to me by a certain Leafy Heirloom who often comes across freakish outliers of common vegetables. I've somehow decided that Potato-bear is a boy and Carrot-bunny is a girl, but some of you might interpret them as otherwise, depending on what parts you find yourself fixating on. I'll leave it at that.

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