Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hot sandwich tip

Breaking news on the gourmet sandwich front! One of our Weird Veg underground agents, codename Endive Haricot, slipped a note under my virtual doormat about a taco truck going sando for tonight and possibly every Thursday for the foreseeable future. If you're in S.F.'s Mission district and hungry for a "busty vegetarian King Trumpet" sandwich lovingly assembled by a wild 'n' crazy line cook at Bar Tartine, see the missive below. I'll be playing Palin bingo beforehand to work up an appetite...

TONIGHT (THURSDAY): High-falootin' line cook from Bar Tartine goes all nitty gritty and shit.

Anthony Myint of Anthony and the U.S. Myints is subletting an antojitos truck in what, hopefully, will become a recurring Thursday night event.

He'll be peddling an assortment of sandwiches, each served on a piece of homemade scallion flatbread. Among them, the highly anticipated PB&J (Pork Belly and Jicama) and the busty vegetarian King Trumpet (wild mushrooms and triple fried potato).

WHEN: Thursday night, 8pm-2am. Watch Biden dispense of Palin and then hop down to 21st and Mission to still your beating heart.

Um, prices are reasonable, dude. $3-$5.

Support local line cooks.

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