Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

When you're cooking for 30 relatives, half of them (my mom and her siblings) raised on corned beef hash and waffles and ice cream, and the other half (my cousins under the age of 14) on Gushers, cranberry juice cocktail and turqouise-flecked Doritos, all weird vegetables must be camouflaged.

For the salad in the photo, I sliced Amagaki persimmons into unidentifiable wedges and had my sister Megan crumble Humboldt Fog goat cheese beyond recognition, then throw in some toasted pecans. Other dishes included a gratin of parsnips, turnips and rutabagas with Vella Asiago cheese–produced in the town of Sonoma, where our dinner took place–and brussels sprouts with pancetta. Everyone ate the root vegetables (most people thought they were potatoes), and the bits of pancetta upped the appeal of the roasted sprouts.


jib said...

Lovely Thanksgiving salad photog... You'd be proud of us- I got all of our supplies at Trader Joe's, the veg at the U Square Farmer's Market, and Gar even got us an organically raised turkey! What sort of weird veg dishes did you impose upon your fam this Tgiving?

meg said...

Yay! I made it into the tg blog post. Sad thing is it took me this long to realize it... I just knew that cheese crumblin' was gonna earn me some notoriety. So- what vegs can we expect for the upcoming xmas in the garage?? I mean, of course I can count on the requisite micro'd canned corn with whole sticks o' butter, but I think we may have to team up (and by team up I mean you make all the decisions and I chop/crunch/or-otherwise-shrink-down the ingredients to the precisely required size) to push the family veggie trend in the complete opposite direction.